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Steps to Help You Quit Smoking

QuitAdvisorMD’s patient site is meant to help smokers understand the process of quitting smoking better and to provide resources to help them. When trying to quit smoking or make other healthy changes in your life, your path to change usually includes several steps along the way. The QuitAdvisorMD patient site is organized to help you with appropriate information organized by where you are in the process.

Started Smoking Again

If you've just slipped and started smoking for a limited time, consider it a learning opportunity. Think about what made you slip and come up with strategies to try to avoid that situation again.

If you've just slipped, has some helpful tips for avoiding another slip.

If you've started smoking regularly again after a period of quitting, you may be reacting to new stress, cravings, or tempting situations. You may feel ashamed or reluctant to discuss your smoking with your doctor. Don't be discouraged; many smokers who start smoking again are ready to start the change process again, either by thinking about quitting again or by actively planning to.

You can think about your starting to smoke again an opportunity to learn rather than as a failure. Every time you try to quit is positive, and you can learn things about yourself that will help in future tries. Each time you try to quit raises the odds that you'll stay quit. Make an appointment to talk to your doctor about your quit attempt.

Consider what you'd like to do: Not Planning Change Now? Deciding About Change? Preparing for Change? Taking Action?

Quitline Help


When you call the quitline, a trained quit coach in your state will work with you to help you quit and avoid the things that tempt you back into the habit. has been developed by Silverchair and the University of Virginia Department of Family Medicine
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