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Steps to Help You Quit Smoking

QuitAdvisorMD’s patient site is meant to help smokers understand the process of quitting smoking better and to provide resources to help them. When trying to quit smoking or make other healthy changes in your life, your path to change usually includes several steps along the way. The QuitAdvisorMD patient site is organized to help you with appropriate information organized by where you are in the process.

Preparing for Change

The third stage of making a change is called "Preparation," and its name describes well what has to happen. It is in this stage that you start to act on your decision to quit smoking, and you set up a plan to succeed. Good preparation for quitting includes tasks such as thinking about the difficulties you will face and planning for setbacks. Gathering support from family, friends, healthcare professionals will make your journey easier at the next stage. You might also seek support from medication or alternative activities like gum chewing if you are planning to quit smoking. You might set a quit date as part of this process. Once you've fully prepared, you might move to the next stage, Taking Action.

For information about medications, see About Medications.

Quitline Help


When you call the quitline, a trained quit coach in your state will work with you to help you quit and avoid the things that tempt you back into the habit.

Helpful Websites

These are websites that contain a lot of helpful information about quitting smoking and tools to help you. Many people find gathering the kind of information found here to be very helpful in their quit attempt.

This is a good website for you to use on your own to find good information and resources for quitting smoking. It includes links to live helplines and an online step-by-step guide to quitting. This site is free of charge and does not require you to set up an account.
Sponsors: US Government: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health

On this website, you can create a free account that allows you to tailor your own online support program to your specific needs and track your progress in quitting smoking. It includes a helpful handbook that can be downloaded for free, as well as access to online support chat groups.
Sponsor: Evolution Health Systems, Inc.

This website offers detailed online modules/workbooks to support you through the entire process of quitting, from thinking about quitting, to making a plan, to staying smoke-free. This is a good site for you if you want a more thorough home-help program. This site requires you to create a free account.
Sponsor: American Lung Association

Take the Why Do I Smoke? Quiz

The Family Doctor website has a good quiz that can help you understand what kind of smoker you are. Take it and see! Why Do I Smoke?

Ideas to Help You Get Ready

You can do some things to reduce your risk and to help you get ready to try to quit smoking:

  • Stop smoking in the house
  • Cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke each day
  • Sit in the no-smoking section at restaurants
  • Delay the first cigarette of the day

Not Quite Ready Yet?

If you're not quite ready to quit yet, check out Deciding About Change. has been developed by Silverchair and the University of Virginia Department of Family Medicine
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